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On this page, Team Chimons publishes and distributes scenario files and setting files, introduces the know-how from users' position and writes tips of "Solar System Simulator Studio".

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About Solar System Simulator

Solar System Simulator is a software which reproduces the appearance of the Solar System to 3-dimensional space, and its users can move to arbitrary time and places and look at the situation of the Universe from various viewpoints.
Development and updating have been continuing over 7 years and more, of SGI versions, Linux versions, Windows versions and Macintosh versions, including on-line versions and book style versions.

Originally, mainly TAKAHEI Toshiyuki of Team Chimons (student of The University of Tokyo at that time, now The Institute of Physical and Chemical Research) and other members of Team Chimons developed the simulator, in order to explain the subjects of the Solar System in Science Live Show "UNIVERSE", focusing on total solar eclipse in Mongolia and Siberia in March 1997.
After that, Team Chimons has been revised the program, changed fine setups and expanded scenarios and know-hows, based on feedback obtained by the visitors and staffs, as performing "Solar System Simulation" corner in UNIVERSE in Science Museum, Tokyo every Saturday afternoon.

Moreover, transplant to many platforms and deployment to various media are performed by Solar System Simulator Project since 2000.

We introduce sites related to Solar System Simulator, including by the Project, as Links of products concerned with UNIVERSE of Science Live Show "UNIVERSE".

About "Solar System Simulator Studio"

"Solar System Simulator Studio" (SssimStudio) is a new version (for Windows) of Solar System Simulator and released by Solar System Simulator Project since 1st July, 2004.

With this version, you can make your original astronomical contents and share them.

Contents made by Team Chimons

Team Chimons makes and publishes many contents for the Studio version, as a user group of Solar System Simulator since its development and the team which can get new feedback almost every week.

We will plan to distribute scenario files which can reproduce the astronomical phenomenon of subject at the time, data files of element of new heavenly bodies and many know-hows.

Scenario files (under construction)

Data files

Tutorials (under construction)

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